Error after "Run an Azure Script" step with Strict Mode enabled


I’m not sure if this as been fixed in a later version as we’re running on a bit of a back-level version of Octopus Deploy (v2018.10.0, December 2018), but I’m getting an error from Octopus.AzureContext.ps1 after my “Inline Source Code” script has run in a step based on the “Run an Azure PowerShell Script” Step Template.

My script looks like this:

$ErrorActionPreference = "Stop";
Set-StrictMode -Version "Latest";

... some powershell script here that runs without error ...

and the error I get is after my script has run, but in the same step as follows:

The variable '$OctopusDisableAzureCLI' cannot be retrieved because it has not been set. 
At D:\Octopus\Work\20190417151113-235310-8095\Octopus.AzureContext.ps1:152 char:10 
+     If (!$OctopusDisableAzureCLI -or $OctopusDisableAzureCLI -like [B ... 
+          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
    + CategoryInfo          : InvalidOperation: (OctopusDisableAzureCLI:String  
   ) [], ParentContainsErrorRecordException 
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : VariableIsUndefined 

The remote script failed with exit code 1 

It looks like my Set-StrictMode is carrying over into the execution context of the internal post-step scripts run by the tentacle and breaking it because it’s referencing variables that haven’t been assigned a value.

I can work around it by just calling Set-StrictMode -Off at the end of my script, but it would be nice if the Octopus.AzureContext.ps1 script worked with strict mode (or ran in a different context).



P.S. this link gives one way to determine whether a variable has been defined or not before accessing it…

Hi Mike,

As you’ve seen, the “Run Azure PowerShell Script” step is not guaranteed to work in Strict Mode at the moment, though this is something we could consider. I’ll add an item for us to discuss at our next team backlog meeting. For now, setting strict mode off at the end of your script will get you past the exception, as you’ve noted.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention,