Environment problems with deploying a Nuget package to a Tentacle on a Windows Azure 2012 Server (not a cloud service)

I am trying to deploy a Nuget package containing a web application to a location on a Windows Azure 2012 Server which I have installed Octopus Tentacle on to run as a personal demo server.

The tentacle is configured, I have opened a port on the Azure server, and the environment has been configured and passed health checks. In my project I can select it in the deployment process step, however when I actually wish to perform the deployment by creating a release and pressing deploy, the environment doesn’t appear in the ‘Deploy to…’ dropdown.

Previously, the deployment worked on another demo server environment running on a local server that was already configured.

What configuration needs to be set to have the environment show up in this drop down? Is there anything I have to do because Azure is involved?

This has been resolved - see project groups.