Environment Manager is not authorised to edit machines


We have 4 environments (DEV, SIT, UAT, PROD) set up in Octopus 2. And we have a team set up as “Environment Manager” for the SIT, UAT and PROD environments. However when a member of this team tries to edit machines in these environments (for example: add roles), Octopus returns this error:

You are not authorized to access this resource.
The changes would cause the machine to duplicate an existing machine to which you have no permission.

Can you please help to solve this problem?



This should work. The error that you are seeing happens when you have multiple “Machine” objects in Octopus that all point to the same actual Tentacle. Is this the case?

(The reason is that someone could add a machine to Develop that points to the same physical machine as Production, creating a security problem, so we don’t allow you to create/edit machines when a different machine exists that points to the same physical server)


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the reply. You are right, some of our projects get deployed to the same servers, so we have the corresponding “machine” objects point to the same tentacle. We set it up this way in Octopus 1.6 because it’s easier for people to tell which server that each project deploys to.

If this creates issues for Octopus 2, we will remove the duplicate “machine” objects that refer to the same tentacle.

Thanks for the help.