Enhancement: Use chocolatey to help set up server items

Chocolatey NuGet is a tool closer to apt-get, it does actual software installs and tools.

For instance,
cinst psake
installs psake on the machine and creates a reference to the psake.bat which is now globally available on that machine.

cinst msysgit
installs msysgit software on the machine using the native installer that you can download from google code (b/c chocolatey knows the url for download and the silent args). It goes a little further.

The idea that I need mysql on a machine that may not already be there.

I could use chocolatey to download mysql, install it, configure and turn on the service, then custom scripts to secure the database.

It keeps the footprint of my Deploy.ps1 smaller.

cisinst mysql #checks to see if you have installed a package with chocolatey. if it is there it does nothing https://github.com/ferventcoder/nugetpackages/issues/22

followed by any custom stuff to get the migration completed.

That’s pretty sweet…

Thinking about this, it doesn’t really even require an enhancement to octopus. Nice. :smiley:

I hadn’t heard of Chocolatey before, very cool.