Empty Task Log

We are deploying releases via command line using Octo.exe and from the web we noticed that the Task Log is empty. If I manually deployed from the Octopus Front end, the Task Log shows up perfectly fine.

Attached below are examples of the log files from the old environment and the new environment. The new environment has additional quotes, etc. As a side note, we migrated from an older version of Octopus (2.6.x) and the same setup worked perfectly fine in the previous environment.






Hi Arthur,

Thanks for getting in touch! I have a bit of a suspicion about what could be wrong here. I know that you have a HA license. Are these instances part of your HA cluster? It is entirely possible that you are connecting to one of the nodes via octo.exe and reading the task from the other node. If the cluster is incorrectly configured for your task logs, then this behaviour will be seen.

A HA cluster is designed to have a shared space for the task logs. If it does not, then you can connect to one node, and view a task started on the other, but the files are unable to be found in the local task location as that is not where they are created. If your server task logs are set to a local location that has no synchronization between both nodes then it will be the problem. You can confirm your settings by running the following on your database: (replace OctopusDeploy with your database name)

Select * from [OctopusDeploy].[dbo].[Configuration] 
  where id = 'activitylogstorage-single'

Let me know what you find.

Hi Vanessa,

Thank you for your quick response. I spoke with the server team and it’s exactly as you mentioned. The server team will be resolving it on their end.

Thank You,