Email notifications, wrongly identify deployment creator

This is a relatively minor issue, but I would like to fix it.
We send an email notification when we initiate a deployment to any environment. We also send one at the end (success or failure). There is always some basic common info like the release name, and version, and the requestor.

Regardless of who requests the build in TC or the deployment, one user is always identified as the deployment requestor.

It is true that I created process, but I expected the individual creating the deployment would be named here.

In the email body we include:
Requested by: #{Octopus.Deployment.CreatedBy.DisplayName} [#{Octopus.Deployment.CreatedBy.EmailAddress}]

The display name and the email address is always me ( Andrew Laraia []) .

The deployments are created by a final build step in TeamCity, and TeamCity uses an API KEY that is based on a generic identity, and not me.

I would have expected this at the very least identify “NASVC_Octopus” as the user and the email address associated with it.

How do I get the correct identity for this?

Hi Andrew, thanks for reaching out.

We can double check that Octopus is recording the correct user by running a deployment from the Octopus CLI ( supplying the same API key used by Team City.

There will be a log entry that says:

Authenticated as: username <>

This can then be matched to the user details in the audit log (opened by clicking the Configuration link in the top right hand corner, then click the Audit link in the left hand menu).

If you can copy in the authentication details reported by the CLI tool and a screenshot of the audit log, that will help us narrow down the issue.

Matt C