Easier Variable Editing

Is there a way to turn off the fancy autocompletes, the popup for scope, the ‘press enter to edit scope’ thing, the lack of real keyboard interaction (clicking escape when that edit scope thing has focus does nothing) and just go to plain text? I understand how these things might be helpful to someone new to octopus, but, I need to quickly add variables through this UI and its currently a pain. Is there another option other than writing my own hooks into the API with powershell or waiting for the custom UI plugins we can write on our in in a future release?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately you cannot turn off any of the things you are mentioning.

  • The autocomplete is there to help people to quickly find what they are looking for, without the need to type the words perfectly. On the background we are not sending the name that is being typed down, but the ID property of the resource with that name.
  • The scope dialog is rather big to include it on the starting grid, hence the need of a popup window for an overall good experience.
  • The ‘Press enter to edit scope’ can also be clicked if you don’t want to hit [enter].

If you want to go the API/Powershell way, i wrote a script that’ll help you automate the variable creation process. Other than that you’re gonna have to go with the custom UI plugins.