Duplicate releases created for single commit

dear support,

Whenever new code is published and packaged using Teamcity I get two releases in octopus deploy. In octo I have following

Environments: one called development
Roles: one called Dev

I was trying to have production environment and add another server to it. but than deleted that and t his problem started.


adding a screenshot if it helps.

Hi Najam,

Thanks for reaching out. Couple of things needed to see why are you getting these duplicates:

  1. Can you tell me if you are running Octopus version 2.6, and if that is the case, if you have enabled Automatic Releases? http://docs.octopusdeploy.com/display/OD/Automatic+Release+Creation

  2. Could you send me one of your Team City build logs that are triggering these duplicate releases?



It’s fixed. From library I altered lifecycle and choose not to do any auto deployments.

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