Duplicate or import/export variable sets?

Hi there,

I’ve set up Octopus Deploy over the last couple of weeks, it’s working really well and has really helped speed up deployments.
We’re now in the process of set up our environments, we use variable sets for different servers to keep it manageable.

I have a few suggestions that could make it a lot easier:

  • when creating a variable set, have the option (dropdown?) to copy from another set
  • have a copy/duplicate button/context menu option on a variable set to copy to a new one
  • have a export/import button/context menu option on a variable set. E.g.: export as XML, so you can easily edit and then import the XML as a new variable set
  • have a bulk way of setting scopes in the scope column in a set. E.g.: highlight/checkbox a selection, click scope (which could then say “Press enter to edit selected scopes” instead of “Press enter to edit scope”) and updates all scopes

Hope those suggestions make sense, any one of those would greatly help :slight_smile:


Just realised you have a uservoice, I’ll post there! O

Hi Oliver,

Thanks for getting in touch! I see you found a very similar ticket. I am just going to link it in here for the benefit of people stumbling on this thread through Google or searching.


I just made a simple google extension to do this. You can get it here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/octopus-variable-copier/bcdafjjfijobmknkbfjbkiagajgiibga?hl=en-US&gl=US

It is open source so you can check it out here: https://github.com/navidmatin/Octopus-Variable-Copier-Extension

Hi Navid,

This is great, thanks for letting everyone know! I’ve also shown it to the team here :smiley: