Drop down control for Step Template not showing values that contain non-alphanumeric characters (or spaces)


When making a dropdown in a step template, the “Default Value” does not show in the project/Process/Step/ view unless the default value and the values in the dropdown both only contain alpha/numeric characters (no dashes, underscore, spaces, etc). This is problematic for values that require spaces or otherwise parsed values.

I understand now allowing spaces, but please consider allowing dashes or underscores or some other punctuation value(s) in the string to use as a find/replace token(s).

Example of values that require spaces: Azure Location values require Spaces when used in powershell scripts. Examples of the issue for this specifically are attached.

Is this FAD or Bug?

Update/Clarification: The default value does not pickup on the Edit Step page when creating a new (or updating an existing) script template and creating/updating the step. However, the values with non-alphanumeric characters are actually sent to the script if you manually select the value and save the step.

Hi Jon,

That sounds like a bug to me, I have made a ticket to get it resolved: https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Issues/issues/1885

Thanks for reporting.