Downloading Nuget package and keeping it in Octopus server


I have a special scenario. We are recently moving our CMS to Azure App service. The deployment to the CMS can be done by making an http post request with the package location using PowerShell. In the IAAS architecture we used to run the script inside the deployment targets.

In App service architecture i have an ability to whitelist my octopus server to run this script for the deployment. For this to happen i need to download my (nugget feed package/octopus server built in package) to be downloaded and place inside a specific location in octopus server. All the step templates which i found are trying to transfer the package to deployment targets after downloading. Since i don’t have any deployment targets it’s an App service it’s not working. Please note that i can’t use Octopus App service deployment since i don’t have to do web deploy. Any inputs will be really helpful.

Aah i found this blog and understood i can install tentacle in my octopus server and let it behave as a deployment targets. Will try this out

Hi Prabhatkumar,

Thanks for getting in touch! Glad that you found our documentation useful!

I just wanted to check that this worked as you expected and to see if there was anything else that we could do to assist?



Hi Alex,
Yes it worked :slight_smile:

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