Does TC plugin support project type=ccproj (Azure Cloud Service)

Is there a way other than MSBuild to build Azure Cloud Service project and pack into Octopus-compatible package using TC?
In next step I’ll create a release in Octopus and push it to the Dev environment. Thanks!

Hi Alexander- Using a NuGet Pack step in Team City, as described in the comment to this question, should be easier than using MSBuild itself:

Hope this helps,

Hi Nick. Thanks! I build by msbuild in 1st step and pack by nuget in 2nd step.
Was wondering is ccproj supported by OctoPack/TC plugin? i.e. I don’t need to have nuspec. Would be nice. Please consider to add later.

Here’s one more question please. Is config transform supported in such scenario?
I mean if I push to Octopus a package created this way, will Web.<env>.config in referenced Web API project (i.e. Web Worker) be transformed?
And will ServiceConfiguration.Cloud.<env>.cscfg be transformed?

Hi Alexander,

No, to the best of my knowledge configuration in .cspkgs is not transformed at this time.

I’ve raised an issue to track this, with a link to another thread where an approach was discussed:


And here’s one more problem: because you assemble azure package in the beginning and don’t change it between environments, literally they aren’t supported at all.
Everything what was done for environments while project was deployed onto IIS now can be deleted.

Please consider adding full Azure support:

  • Octopus receives a nuget package with (say ASP.NET) application
  • It detects target environment
  • It performs necessary Web.config transformation
  • It packs into azure package
  • It publishes it

Or maybe more realistic flow:

  • Octopus receives a nuget package with Azure package
  • Unpacks
  • Performs necessary ServiceConfiguration.<Env>.cscfg transformation
  • Packs it back
  • Publishes

Otherwise using Octopus (what I eager to do) in Azure makes much less sense :frowning:

Thanks for the follow up. This is pretty high on our list, we’ll make sure we reach out when we have something further to show.