Does exporting data do a complete export

I’ve been reading the backup documentation and it mentions you should be backing up the sql database on your own, but it doesn’t say exactly what’s in there and what isn’t. When using Octopus Manager, does this export all data from the file system and the sql server? Or will I need to still do a backup of my sql server in addition to the export? Thanks


Hi @slobdell!

Thanks for reaching out - for the most comprehensive backup strategy you will want to ensure reliable backups of three key areas:

  1. Your SQL database
  2. Your Master key
  3. Your filesystem objects

The export from the Octopus Manager uses our migrator, which contains most of the information related to deployment processes, but doesn’t include packages, logs, etc. For disaster recovery, you’ll want the full backups of the items listed above.

You can find more information on these topics in our documentation here: