Docker Registry Feed with dash in image name

Octopus 3.17.5

I have an internal Docker Registry added as an External Feed. This feed works without issue when the docker image doesn’t contain a dash (’-’).

If, for example, an image is named “test-image” with a dash in the name, I can use the External Feed Test page to search for that image and receive results.
However, when trying to create a release with a “Run a Docker Container” step that specifies “test-image” as the package Id will result in the following error after clicking “Create release”:
“Request to https://docker-registry/v2/test-image/tags/list failed with NotFound:Not Found.”

If I republish the image with the name “test.image” (period instead of dash), update the package Id to match, now I can create a release and as expected get a list of versions corresponding to the tags of the published container images named “test.image”.

A dash looks like it is valid for a docker image tag.

I don’t see anywhere to get logs related to the “Create release” step to include.

HI there

Thanks for getting in touch! Sorry to hear you’re having issues with Docker and Octopus.

Can you let me know what you’re using for your docker registry? Unfortunately there are many differences between docker registries, and its rare for any of them to support the api properly (even dockerhub does not implement the official docker registry API).

At first glance, it looks like the registry you are using does not support the list image tags endpoint correctly.

At this point, it sounds like your best bet is to either follow up with the vendor of the docker registry to find out what’s happening, or just continue using the name without a dash.

Hope that helps!