Docker deployment with logConfiguration

We’re looking into docker deployment from Octopus and need to setup AWS ECR logConfiguration - is it possible to do in “Run a docker container” step?

We’re currently at Octopus 3.7.13 and it seems there’s no UI for setting up log drivers - please see attached

Hi Andrew

To be honest, I haven’t come across logConfiguration before - how would you normally go about using it? Googling it, the docs seem to be talking about Task Definitions and things like that - I’m not sure how that maps to normal docker usage.

Is it related to If so, you can provide the extra arguments in the args field under Additional Arguments with --log-driver=awslogs.

Hope this helps!


Hi Matt,

Thanks, it’s indeed an ECR task definition thing.

We’ll provide log group and region as parameters as well - essentially --log-driver="awslogs" --log-opt awslogs-region="<region>" --log-opt awslogs-group="<group>"

Hi Andrew

Okay, great - I understand a lot more about docker logging now :slight_smile:

Did that work if you enter that into the Args field? (Sorry, cant quite tell from your email whether it did or not).


Sorry have not tested yet - I’m off to something else till the end of the week.

I presume it will work, if not will report here!