DisplayName not working

I have a step that sends an email to a user after a manual step. The name of the step is “Confirm Deployment”. In the email I tried using the DisplayName of the user but the variable doesn’t seem to resolve, it keeps coming out as the variable name not the value.

Here’s my email template:

#{Octopus.Action[Confirm Deployment].Output.ResponsibleUser.DisplayName}

#{Octopus.Action[Confirm Deployment].Output.Manual.Notes}

#{Octopus.Action[Confirm Deployment].Output.Manual.ResponsibleUser.Id}

#{Octopus.Action[Confirm Deployment].Output.Manual.ResponsibleUser.EmailAddress}

And here’s the output:

#{Octopus.Action[Confirm Deployment].Output.ResponsibleUser.DisplayName}
These are notes from the manual intervention step.

Looking at the variable name maybe it’s supposed to be Output.Manual.ResponsibleUser.DisplayName (like Id and EmailAddress) but that’s not how it’s appearing in the find dialog list on the help icon for the email body field. Also that field (see screenshot) doesn’t seem to match the variables above so I’m a little confused on what the variables are supposed to be now.

This is Octopus version 3.3.12



Hi Bil,

Thanks for getting in touch! Generally all output variables will require a machine name to confirm where the information is attached. In cases where it is a child step this is assumed and now that email steps can be children I do not want to assume!
Can you let me know if your email step is part of a group?

The best way to troubleshoot variable problems is to use our special variables and check the logs:
If you want to turn those on and then send me the logs, I can help you determine what the full variable is that you will require.