Display URL of deployed site

Hi, I would like to have the ability to display a URL of the location where the
code was deployed from the dashboard or any other area.

In the case of websites for instance the revision number that I click could either

  • display a context menu to take me to the URL or
  • from the Task Summary page, having the URL of the deployed release.

Do you think it is possible?


Hi Mike,

Thanks for reaching out.

Unfortunately there’s no way to edit the dashboard or adding a context menu.Your best bet for an editable field would be the release notes, which you can edit using the API during the deployment.

To get to that field though, you’re gonna need to click on the project, then on the release and you’ll see the release notes.

Hope that helps,

Hi Dalmiro,
Thank you for your prompt answer.

I will probably add a script that populates that info in a separate database as part of the deployment step process.