Disabling process step deletes Version Rules and thus makes release not be able to auto select plan

We have several channels that uses tags or version range to get the proper release.
When disabling a process steps that one of our channels use it will cause the error "There are 2 viable release plans using the provided arguments so we cannot auto-select one."
Our setup looks like this.

Dev -> package step: Deploy, tag: "dev"
Feature sites -> package step: Deploy Feature Branch With IIS, version range: 9.0

Deploy -> For channels: Dev
Deploy Feature Branch With IIS -> For channels: Feature sites

When disabling process step “Deploy Feature Branch With IIS” we get this error:

There are 2 viable release plans using the provided arguments so we cannot auto-select one.  
The viable release plans are:  

Channel: 'Dev'
*#* Name Version Source Version rules
1 Deploy 3.0.3240-dev User specified Range: PASS Tag: PASS

Channel: 'Feature sites'

Exit code: -1
Octo.exe exit code: -1

When enabling process step “Deploy Feature Branch With IIS”: The “Version Rules” rules setup in the channels section has been removed and needs to be re-added for the auto release to work.

Octopus 3.16.2
Octopus Teamcity plugin: 4.15.6


Thanks for getting in touch. I’m sorry to hear you’re hitting this annoying issue! I’ve been able to reproduce it. The channel’s version rules are getting removed when the package step that’s defined for the channel is disabled. I’ve raised the following issue to get this resolved, which you can track here.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions!

Kind regards,