Disabling Deployments to an Environment


We have multiple teams with with a handful of development environments. We have the following problem:

  • Team 1 deploys to Dev1
  • Team 2 has to deploy a release and they can potentially deploy to dev1 as well.

Is there a way Team1 can disable deployments from occurring on Dev1 until they are done with it? In other words, can you block deployments from occurring to an environment using octopus?

Hi Manny,

Thanks for getting in touch. There is no first-class way to “block deployments to an entire environment” at the moment. There are however a few options you could explore:

  1. Use Lifecycles to determine the Release Promotion path for each Project and Environment Permissions to control which Teams can deploy to each Environment. This puts responsibility for deploying to a particular environment in the hands of the team who cares most about that environment.
  2. You could consider adding a Manual Intervention step to approve deployment into an environment by a particular Team.
  3. You could block the Release itself by going to the Release page and clicking the Block deployment button and providing a reason. This will block the Release from being promoted to any other environments, but won’t block other Releases from being deployed to Dev1, for example.
  4. If you aren’t sharing the same Machines amongst several environments, you could go through and disable each of the Machines involved in the Dev1 environment temporarily, which would stop people from deploying to those machines. This isn’t as clean as the other options.

Hope that helps!