Disabled Steps API

Hi there,
I was wondering if it is possible to identify if a deployment is running with steps that have been skipped either by using the API or the .Net Client.


Hi James,

Thanks for the question.

There is a property on deployments called SkipActions which is available via the .NET client and the API. SkipActions contains GUIDs that correspond to the id of any actions in a deployment process that have been skipped.

To find running deployments with skipped actions:

  • Query /api/tasks?running=true
  • Try to find an DeploymentId Argument on the task:
Arguments: {
    DeploymentId: "Deployments-123"
  • Query /api/deployments/<deploymentId>
  • Check for any SkipActions on the deployment

Hope this helps.


Apologies for the delayed response. This has helped my out a lot. I am now using this…

var data = client.Repository.Deployments.FindAll().Result.Where(x => x.SkipActions.Count > 0);

Would the same approach be used to get the IsFrozen property from the DeploymentProcesses?
I cant seem to find a method for that one.


It’s okay Guys, got it sorted:). The .NET Client is starting to make sense now. Cheers.