Disable user name and password

hello Octopus support,

I’ve just enabled external authentication on octopus 3.8.4 and I’d like to disable the ability to log in to octopus via user name and password.

Is this possible? If so how so?

polka dots and puppy dogs,
Mr Jangleballs

Hi Jimmy,

Thanks for reaching out! It is possible to disable form sign-in! You can do that by running the following command on your Octopus Server:

Octopus.Server.exe service --stop
Octopus.Server.exe configure --allowFormsAuthenticationForDomainUsers=false
Octopus.Server.exe service --start

I am referencing this documentation page, which includes additional information and options for configuring your authentication. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any further questions!