Directory of deployment?

This might sound stupid but I am new to Octopus Deploy if I don’t specify a directory name where will the files be deployed I amusing a test package and all the steps f the process are running a PS script and unziping the patch .

Q. Where will I find my files after deployment ?plus in multi-tenant environment even if I specify the path in the Deployment Process Step every tenant will deploy to the same path , So how to handle this situation ?


Thanks for getting in touch! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. If you do not specify a directory for your files to deploy, Octopus will deploy them to the following location by default.

C:\Octopus\Applications\[Tenant name]\[Environment name]\[Package name]\[Package version]\ where C:\Octopus\Applications is the Tentacle application directory you configured when installing Tentacle


As for the multi-tenant environment, you are able to configure a custom installation directory if you wish to change the location of the installation.

Let me know how you go, or if you have any further questions. :slight_smile:

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