Different package feed for each environment: Latest pkg version selection, now broken?

So we successfully followed these instructions:


We have two package feeds that we use:

"releasecandidates" scoped to Dev, QA environments
"certified"         scoped to Prod environments

As part of testing, packages will be certified by QA and a copy of those packages will become available in our certified feed for final deployment into production.

Now that we use dynamic feed selection, we’ve broken a release creation convenience create release with lastest package versions. We now have to manually specify versions. By default this makes sense, because Octopus doesn’t know which feed to fetch latest versions. However, this is very tedious for our large octopus projects. So…

How can we configure the Octopus project so that release-creation thru the UI will default to the latest package version from releasecandidates feed? We don’t want to manually specify versions by hand.

Hi mbartongawryn,

Thanks for getting in touch. I can see why this might be a bit frustrating for you!

Unfortunately, Octopus currently does not show you the latest package version when you have a custom expression for a package feed. As you said, this is because Octopus does not know at release creation time which package feed to use to fetch the versions of available packages.

I’ve created an issue here so that we can look into how we might be able to improve this scenario.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, please let me know if you have any other questions,