Detach Step Template

I cannot find online about what this option mean?

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Detach Step Template simply removes the link between the process step and the step template. Using this option will effectively makes the step independent of the step template. This is handy when you want to clean up step templates as this will allow you to delete them without deleting releases or projects.

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So their no way to rollback this action even if it’s safe?

Hi @fbrunetgirard,

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We do not have a way to re-attach the step to the step template. You would need to re-create the process step.

You could also clone the project and make changes to the clone if you want to leave the original alone. You may take a backup of the SQL db prior to making changes as a precaution as well.

Additionally, once you detach the step template you can then “extract” the step template, which creates a copy of the step template that would allow you to use this as a fork from the original step template.

Hopefully that clears this up for you. Let me know if we can assist with anything else.



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