Designing projects with To-Do step placeholders

I need to build and maintain many complex Octopus deployment projects. Since Octopus does not provide any ‘designer’ facilities and I have several incomplete projects on the go which do half the work, and which are already fully used within CD&DTAP environments, I obviously need to complete the projects to do all the work. Now there are still many projects with a few remaining and challenging steps missing, which need to be completed by hand (on every target, sometime with the help of old proven batch files).

So what I seek is a To-Do step null-template which is simply a placeholder within an otherwise production ripe project.

The To-Do step null-template, which I can give functional names within each project serves two purposes:

  1. This step still needs to be implemented within the Octopus project, by the Octopus project owner/implementer.
  2. At every execution of the Octopus project a reminder to the Deployment Operator that this step still needs to be done manually, outside of Octopus.

Any suggestions for the best way to go?

And oh yes, I’d also like Octopus to show or email me an entire report of all remaining To-Do steps in all Octopus projects.

Who else would like to have this?

Hi Nick,

Thanks for getting in touch! The best place to make feature suggestions is currently our UserVoice suggestions page. We use UserVoice to gauge community support for various new features and ideas. You are able to create, comment, and vote on other suggestions.

Let me know if you have any further thoughts or questions here. :slight_smile:

Best regards,