Deprecation of Azure Management APIs

Microsoft have announced that they are deprecating their legacy Azure Server Management APIs.

Does Octopus Deploy use these APIs or does it use their RESTful Azure Resource Manager API?


Thanks for getting in touch.

At this stage, we don’t really know much more than you and have been asking Azure support the same questions.

What we do know is that the Service Management endpoints for managing Cloud Services will be deprecated. We are planning on removing the Management Certificates from Octopus shortly after June 30th.
When using the Azure steps in Octopus, the way we connect to the Azure API depends on the type of authentication account you are using, so post June 30th, you will need to move all your accounts to be Service Principal accounts.


Thanks Ben,

I’ll keep an eye on here and on Twitter to see if there is any progress. MIchael’s post on Twitter is interesting as he alludes to the deprecation of Cloud Services but this isn’t mentioned as far as I can see in the email or the blog post. How have you guys come up with that info? Is that from just knowing what relies on those APIs yourselves?

We use both App Services and have a classic Cloud Service too, although the Cloud Service is still deployed from outside of Octopus as we struggled to get that integrated.

I’ve already spoken with Azure Support who can’t confirm whether we use the API or not. I’ll confirm regarding Cloud Services with them on my ticket.

I’ve had further clarification from Azure support that indicates that it is only Azure Service Manager APIs for App Services that are being deprecated, and this will not affect deploying Cloud Services (classic).

They have confirmed that deploying Cloud Services (classic) even when deployed from Visual Studio uses the Azure Service Manager APIs but should not be affected. My only guess here is they are deprecating a part of the API and not all of it.

So from our point of view it feels like we can still manage Cloud Services (classic) from outside of Octopus and move as per your recommendation to use Service Principal accounts for App Services.