Deployments through a load balancer

We would like to do automated deployments to a clients infrastructure hosted behind a Stingray load balancer. We can have 1 port opened so we could deploy to a single server but what we need is to be able to deploy from our Octopus server to an Octopus server behind the load balancer which can then deploy to different servers within that network. Is this possible and if so do you have any configuration suggestions.

Can you just install your Octopus server on the one machine you get access to? That way your deployment process will be a standard Octopus deploy.

Surely it would be easier to work with/bend the rules of the clients infrastructure than create some complex deployment that is outside the normal procedure of Octopus. Now you have to deal with maintenance on this non standard deploy and no one on the forums can help you because you’re doing your own thing.

Hi John,

Thanks for getting in touch!
I have two possible solutions here.
The first is as you described have an Octopus Server install behind your load balancer that can deploy to your machines. This is the higher maintenance issue as you will have to manage importing/exporting your projects and maintaining a second install of Octopus.
The second is, are you able to set any of your machines behind the load balancer to be polling machines instead of listeners?

Let me know what you think.