Deployments blocked by non existing deployment


Last week we tried using the parallel deployment option in a rather complex setup (One project triggering multiple other projects in parallel and sharing some of the agents). The result wasn’t that great, deployments seemed to get blocked by each other and I cancelled it after 15h or so. Now I cannot deploy to the environment, anymore, giving me the error message ‘Another deployment related activity is in progress on this machine’. I’ve restarted the tentacle and had this particular machine restarted - no luck. I suspect it’s due to a mismatch in state in the database, but I haven’t been able to find it yet. I could really use som help - got to get this working by Saturday :slight_smile:
Any hints or information is greatly appreciated.

Octopus Deploy

Hi Jasper,

Thanks for reaching out. Could please try to restart the tentacle service using these commands?

cd \Program Files\Octopus Deploy\Tentacle
tentacle.exe service --stop
tentacle.exe reset-activities
tentacle.exe service --start

Please let me know how it goes :slight_smile:


Hi Dalmiro

That seemed to do the trick! What exactly does the reset activities command do?

Thanks for the fast reply!

Hi Jasper,

The reset-activities command will take every task that is not in completed state and it will stop it. It should only be used as ultimate-super-last resource in cases like yours where not even a process reset could help.

Do not use it often, and remember Uncle Ben’s words: “with great power comes great responsibility”


Ok. Seems that running this particular project, with some of the steps, which triggers other projects, running in parallel, this behavior occurs. I just got it on another agent, in the same project today.

Thanks for the explanation.


Hi Jasper,

Could you explain me a bit more how was your “triggering a project from another project in parallel” working? I’d like to give it a try myself.


Basically i have a tentacle with octotools installed. I create a new Octopus project, to orchestrate the deployment of various other projects. I use a powershell step to trigger the other build - some synchronously and some asynchronously. Nothing fancy.