Deployment trigger

I have configured a deployment trigger to deploy every day the latest release from a channel.
After i created it it deployed every day the same release that was the latest on the day i created it so not the newest release. How to solve this?

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The way the trigger works is that it will attempt to promote the last successful release within the Source environment to the Destination environment.

With that in mind, I’m wondering whether your newer releases have been manually deployed to the Source environment yet?

If they have been deployed and are still not being used by the trigger would you be able to check if their deployment completed with any warnings? That can prevent a deployment from being seen as “successful” by the trigger.

Lastly, if you head to Configuration > Diagnostics at the top there should be a Scheduled Trigger Logs button. This log may provide additional information as to why that specific release is being used rather than the newer ones.

Feel free to attach or PM me the log file if you would like us to review it.


We create automaticly new releases from TeamCity. We normally don’t deploy them manually to the Test environment. We want to deploy ones a day the latest created release to all test environments regardless of being deployed or not.

In that case there are two ways to achieve this.

The first would require you to create a new environment that is before the Test environment within the lifecycle and set it to deploy automatically when adding the environment to the lifecycle.

Then you would amend your trigger to use the new environment as the source and the Test environment as the destination.
This way your new release would auto-deploy to the initial environment whenever a release is created and your daily trigger would promote the latest release in that environment to the Test environment.

The other way of doing this would be to change the Trigger Action to Deploy new release. This will then create a new release using the latest package and deploy it to the Test environment. If you do this you may want to amend your Teamcity process so that it doesn’t create releases anymore as those releases wouldn’t get deployed to Test.

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