Deployment task log shows flickering or not available in Octopus 3.2.7


Sometimes I see a lot of very delayed screen refreshed or flickering on task log display.

Sometimes after a task is finished (not matter failed or successful), no task log is available to show.

See attached video showing the log flickering.

Our Octopus is 3.2.7.

Flickering_Status_2016-08-11_112800.wmv (3 MB)

Hi Edward,

Thanks for getting in touch and providing the video. This is an interesting problem as we’ve never had it reported before. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue.

  • What web browser are you using? Does it happen in other browsers? Does it happen in Google Chrome?
  • Do you see any errors in your web browser’s developer tools’ console? I’m curious if there are any javascript errors or if something is failing.
  • Does it happen in numerous projects or just one?
  • Do you experience slowness anywhere else in the web portal?

Looking forward to your reply.



Hi Rob,

User didn’t complain about this problem anymore. So I just close this discussion. Thanks a lot for looking in it!