Deployment target trigger skips deploy steps


I have a deploy process in Octopus with about 22 steps. When we deploy, we only deploy the packages that have been updated and manually skip others.

I have added a deployment target trigger so that when new machines come into being, they will deploy the most recent release.


New machines don’t deploy the steps that have been manually skipped. According to this page, you can fix this by creating an auto deploy override, however this doesn’t seem to work.

Autodeploy command

octo create-autodeployoverride \
      --environment=$ENVIRONMENT \
      --project=$PROJECT \


When a new machine appears, it just runs the last deploy, skipping any steps that were skipped.

Have I misunderstood the instructions?

Configuring an Auto Deploy Override for the same Release to the same Environment/Tenant (this will result in a new deployment being generated without the manually skipped steps).

Hi Stuart,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you here. I had a conversation with our developers on this. Currently the Auto Deploy Override feature does not generate a new deployment task without skipped steps. This is wrong in our documentation and needs to be changed.

The intended use here is that you would create a release you wish to use for your new targets and explicitly define this release in the override. The idea is that you create a release containing all the steps you wish to be executed against your new targets, then create the override pointing to that release. Every time a new deployment target is created and the deployment is triggered, it will use the specified release which will include all the steps included when you created the release.

I’m sorry about the miscommunication in our docs. I am going to amend them with some clarification about this.

If you have any further questions or thoughts here, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Sorry again about the delay in responding.

Best regards,

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