Deployment target is Load balancer


We are facing issues with one of our Load balancer MSMQ servers.

As it’s a load balancer, it has two server with two different thumbprint.
our deployment script will take care of creation of queues on LB(both server) but some times (if primary
server is down) during the deployment, octopus server hit the secondary server and then we are facing the thumbprint mismatch issue and deployment got’s failed even before it start the script.

Hi @mohitmishra.mishra1989

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What I would recommend here is to ensure that both Tentacles have the same name and certificate so that Octopus recognizes both servers as the same target. The simplest way to do this would be to generate a new certificate on your primary server using the following command:

tentacle new-certificate  --export-pfx=VALUE  --pfx-password=VALUE

You can then update the certificate onto both the primary and secondary servers with this new certificate so that they match and Octopus will recognize them as one target.

tentacle import-certificate --from-file=VALUE --pfx-password=VALUE

You will need to update Octopus with the new certificate value once you have update the Tentacles.

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