[ Deployment target ] CentOS 6 compatibility

Hello Octopus team,

Some of our folks asked if they can configure deployment targets running on CentOS 6.
I’ve looked at requirements pages but it’s not compliant :

I’ve tested to install Tentacle with rpm (missing openssl-libs introduced in CentOS 7) and with tar file (missing GLIBC_2.14 and GLIBCXX_3.4.15) without success and even If I just want to connect Tentacle the old way using SSH I’m still missing some self-Contained .NET Core dependencies for the Calamari.

Could you confirm me that? Do you have any hints?
I’d like to avoid create Worker and ssh from it without using calamari :sweat_smile:

Thanks for advices!


Hi Gregory,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Coincidentally, we actually had another user recently needing to use CentOS 6 as a deployment target and, unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in finding any solution that would allow a Tentacle to work with this OS.

The only option would be to try using SSH and Calamari on Mono but this does have some drawbacks as listed here: SSH target requirements - Octopus Deploy


Hi Paul,

You confirm my tests’ results and drawbacks of using old Mono versions are too great.
Thanks for super fast answer :wink:



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