Deployment settings and skipping packages

Hi -

Somewhat recently we upgraded to v2020.6 (build 5083). After the upgrade we received some questions from users looking for project settings related to skipping packages. they were accustomed to seeing a project-level setting giving the option to skip packages or always deploy all packages. It seems as if this functionality is not present (or somewhere else) in v2020.6. Please confirm. Thanks.

Hi @snaulls,

Thanks for getting in touch with us over your question on packages, and sorry to hear you’re unable to find the option in your projects.

Which version of Octopus Server did you upgrade from? Knowing this will help me provide you with the best possible answer.

The likely way to do this in more recent versions of Octopus is to dynamically select the packages at deployment. You can learn more about this in our documentation here. Does that look l like it might be what you’re after?

If your packages are all in different steps, another way to do this would be disabling specific steps at time of deployment.

Looking forward to hearing back from you on the above, and please let us know if this is helpful.


Thanks Patrick. We upgraded from v2020.1.2

There used to be a project setting that functioned similarly to this runtime variable:


The option seems to be available at a release-level when deploying (‘Package Deployment’ -> Skip already installed packages/Re-deploy already installed packages’) but we can’t see where the defaults are set in the UI.

Hi @snaulls,

Thank you for getting back to me and providing that information.

The package redeployment option has been removed and split into two different areas, with the details in the following GitHub issue. Towards the bottom of the issue, you can find a workaround, and I’m curious to know if this will work for your use case:

If you’d like to find the usage of the Octopus.Action.Package.SkipIfAlreadyInstalled variable, we have a script that may be helpful as a starting template in returning settings for where it’s used and the setting associated with it:

I hope you find this helpful, but let us know if you have further questions or concerns.


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