Deployment servers preview not displayed on the new ui

Hi team,

We recently upgraded to the latest version of Octopus. Prior to this we were using an older version(2017). In this version the octopus always displayed the servers name it would be deploying on, before deploying the release.

It was very helpful as it displayed the server name next to each step even before pushing the deploy button.
However in the version I don’t see it doesn’t show the server names prior to deployment. Is there a setting to be enabled or this has been discontinued in the newer versions?


Hi @sohilberg

Thanks for getting in touch, sorry that we moved the cheese a little on you here.

To show this information now you need to expand the Preview and Customize section as shown below:

Which will then expand and show the information that you are looking for:

Any questions please let me know!


Thanks a lot Alex!

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This seems to be happening for us on the latest version 2020.3.2

Hi Larry,

This seems to be a new issue, are you able to open a new thread please so that we can help you without it getting confused with the original question?