Deployment Rights in Dev/Test but not Prod, yet shows "deploy" button for prod?

Is this the behavior I should be seeing? I’m on 3.0.10 (right now) and have a gorup of testingers that I want to give rights to deploy to dev and test. Well, when they look at the application in projects, they see “Deploy” buttons under production. Should they be shown that if they don’t have rights to deploy in that environment?

(I can cobble up some example images if you’re having troubles visualizing what I am asking.)


Hi Rob,

Thanks for reaching out. This was fixed back in 3.0.12. Even though the users can see the button, as soon as they try to deploy to that environment they get an error message saying they don’t have enough permissions. The fix introduced in 3.0.12 prevents the users from seeing that button.

Please try to update to the latest version to get this fixed.



Sweet, thanks. That’s why I included the version I was on. I’ll update as soon as I can.
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