Deployment process - Server step to help with AWS stack deployment using cloud formation templates

Hi there,

We are now using Octopus deploy to deliver Web app, Windows Services and Microsoft Dynamics CRM on premise solutions. We use AWS and it is easy to deploy to EC2 instances that are currently running. But, there is a requirement to kick off cloud formation step (complete or partial stack deploy) and then deliver apps to them. How could we do that in Octopus? In fact, our IT department is trying move us away from Octopus and forcing us to use Bamboo. We love Octopus for its simplicity and features.

There is one idea that was doing rounds in my head is to enable Octopus server to execute steps as part of Deployment Process. Then we can use powershell scripts to communicate with AWS and kick start stack deployment process. These server steps may be useful in other scenarios such as keep deployment artifacts in S3 buckets, remove tentacles that were installed in stacks that were removed etc.

Any solutions/thoughts?


Hi Sai,

Thanks for reaching out. Using the Octopus Server as a Tentacle to run steps on it is a very common practice. So common that we even added it to our documentation:

For all things related to adding/removing Octopus resources using the API, I’d recommend you to take a look at this Open Source project: . Its documentation has examples to remove Tentacles, among other things:

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Hi Dalmiro,

Awesome! We went down that road along with this step template taken from community library to successfully create AWS stack. We see some more useful step templates in there which can help us.

Thanks for the help.

Hi Sai,

Glad to hear that! Remember that if you need help with the Powershell module, you’ll need to ask your questions here as it is an Open source project not entirely related to Octopus :slight_smile: