Deployment pipelining

Hi Paul,

How about including a way to set release workflows for projects, where-by a release must be deployed serially or in parallel to certain environments before being released to the next.

eg. you might have environments like:

Dev -> Test 1 -> UAT -> Production
    -> Test 2
    -> Test 3

Where we want to enforce that a release must first be deployed into dev, then it can go into any of the Test environments, however must be deployed to all 3 test environments before going to UAT then Production.

Currently there is nothing stopping you deploying to Dev then Prod without enforcing the whole pipeline.

Love to hear your thoughts though,

Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for the suggestion. Octopus v1 is focussed on building a tool that works, and I’m hoping smart features like this will drive v2. I’ve added your suggestion to the Octopus Trello:

(Title: Deployment Workflow Rules)


I have to second this suggestion. We’ve got a one-button deployment story today, but we had a maintenance person run the production release before our Staging release and we had to roll back. It’d be nice to at least setup a overridable “warning… you are about to do something that looks incorrect” message.

It’d be great if this was per project. There are some projects that we deploy to an intermediate integration testing environment and some projects were is is not necessary.