Deployment of SSIS packages

We are using VS2013 Prof and have an SSIS package that needs to be deployed. I have never had to deploy an SSIS package before in any form, so would be grateful if you could explain the process using Octopus.


Thanks for reaching out.

As you probably figured out already, we don’t have out-of-the-box SSIS deployments support. When that happens, we recommend users to rely on command line deployments, and use Octopus to orchestrate those commands.

There’s a blog post from an Octopus user that did exactly that so solve his SSIS needs:

I’d first recommend you to figure out the commands to make this deployment happen. Once you have that, putting them into Octopus shouldn’t be too hard.

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Thank you for that, but I can already do this. Our plan is to use MSBuild to create a nuget package so that we can then use Octopus to deploy the nuget package. Our current configuration just places the ISPAC file into a known directory and then we use dtexec to call the package.

So I suppose the question is more related to MSBuild and getting that working.

Does anyone know how to complete this?

Instead of relying on MSBuild to create the Nuget package (like when using Octopack), why don’t you add another step in your build process that uses Octo.exe pack to create a Nuget package out of a specific directory? Later on you could use the same executable with the Push directive to send it to your Octopus Feed.

Octo.exe pack:
Octo.exe Push: