"Deployment has not yet finished" and time outing deployments without reasons in the web UI


One of my projects can no longer be deployed to a specific tentacle. The web UI doesn’t provide any clues as to why - it just states that the deployment has been queued and then simply times out.

I trigger the release creation and deployment via octo.exe using the “create-release” command and the --deploy-to switch as s part of my build process.
I tried repeating the deployments of an existing Octopus release via the web UI - got the same result.
I also tried creating a new release via the web UI - got the same result.
I tried restarting the Tentacle service and running it in interactive mode - got the same result and still no details on the issue.

NB: During this whole time releases of other projects were successfully finishing on that Tentacle.

When I executed the octo.exe manually for the problematic project, I saw that the following message printed in the console:
“Deployment has not yet finished.”

And the timeout message after my 20 minute timeout period.

The thing that solved my problem was restarting the Octopus server.
Unfortunately this problem happened twice in the past five days (the project in Octopus is 3 weeks old) so I’m bummed that it will happen again.
And restarting the Octopus server just doesn’t seem like the best solution.

I am using version on both the server and the Tentacle.

Thank you in advance for any tips and assistance on the matter!

Hi Bobby,

On the Tentacle machine, is there any events in the Event Viewer?


Thanks for getting in touch, Paul!

There weren’t any events from the Tentacle if I recall correctly.

I have since removed the problematic step from the deployment process so I am no longer able to reproduce the issue.

Also, since the server to which I’m deploying is a very busy one, I couldn’t browse/filter the Event Viewer events to see for sure if there were or weren’t any events from the Tentacle back when the issue had occurred.

Not much else I can do to help outline the matter right now :frowning: