Deployment goes to 'Queued' immediately and eventually times out

I’ve got a deployment on a certain project that goes straight to ‘Queued’ status and never leaves. There’s nothing in the logs for the server nor the tentacle logs.

It says “Currently waiting for the Octopus Server to process the task”

Is there a task running already?

I’m having issues where Octopus Deploy doesn’t know a tentacle has run out of space, the deployment continually runs until manually cancelled and the rest of our deployments from our CI server then queue up.

Is this a bug with 2.1.3?


Ah. There was a task 3 pages back that was waiting. I cancelled that and it was fine.

Might be handy to have a better windows into what tasks are still pending.

Thanks Piers, we’ve just added a feature to today’s 2.3 release that now shows the running tasks that are causing this task to remain queued: