Deployment Changes in hotfix scenario

Can someone provide some advice on how to properly accomplish the correct reporting of deployment changes in a hotfix scenario? Allow me to step you through what we’re trying to achieve:

  1. Package/release 1.0.0+1234 created and deployed to development, test, production
  2. Package/release 2.0.0+1250 created
  3. Package/release 2.0.0+1260 created and deployed to development
  4. Hotfix needed to 1.0.0, so package/release 1.0.1+1280 created and deployed to development, test, prod
  5. Package/release 2.0.0+1290 created and deployed to development
  • Deployment changes look correct for step 3.
  • Deployment changes (commits) are not present in step 4. I would have expected to see deployment changes in development to include those in 1.0.1+1280, but not any of the changes in the 2.0.0* releases
  • Deployment changes in step 5 are showing changes introduced in steps 2, 3, and 5. I was expecting to see changes between 2.0.0+1260 and 2.0.0+1290

Hopefully, that scenario is clear. Is there something I need to do in the project config to make it work the way I’m expecting? Or is this just not the way that Octopus determines changes between releases/deployments?


Chris Newton

Greetings Christopher! Just to make sure I’m on the same page, you’re talking about the Build Information for the commits, yes?

That’s correct. The build information for each package and the Deployment Changes array that gets populated by Octopus based on that.

Also, running on-prem 2020.2.13

Awesome, thanks for getting back to me :slight_smile: I had a couple of other questions just for clarification

  1. Are you using different channels for this or the same (default) channel?
  2. For 4, you create a new release with a lower release number? Do the packages have a lower version number? It looks like the release number is tied to the package number, but I could be making a bad assumption :slight_smile:
  1. Using a single channel (default)
  2. The new release is a hotfix to the existing version in production, so would necessarily be a lower version that the current development. The packages also have a lower version number (versions tied to package).

Do the packages need to have always increasing version numbers to get this to work?

Hi Chris,
I worked with Shawn to attempt to reproduce this, but we’re getting different results. Would you be open to a call to make sure we set it up correctly?

If so, you can book time with us here: Calendly

Scheduled for 1-1:30 CST. I think a call would hopefully help clarify the problem and solution.



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@mark.reeder @Shawn_Sesna Thanks again for your help. Shawn, your explanation of the channel versioning also helped me fix the issue of what the latest version was showing as in the project when manually creating a release.

Hi @christopher.newton,
Thanks for your time this afternoon! We looked into the issue we saw on the call and found that it was indeed a bug Incorrect Deployment changes data for some deployments · Issue #6277 · OctopusDeploy/Issues · GitHub and is fixed in version 2020.3.1. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance!