Deploying ZIP package does not recreate folders structure

I’m deploying zip package via SSH to ubuntu server.

Imagine following folder structure:
----| File.png
----| File2.png
----| File3.png

So it just extracts all the files from all the folders to target folder and prepends folder names to it’s file names.

So in a result I have 3 files Folder1/File.png, Folder1/File2.png, Folder2/File2.png. Yes these are 3 files with their parent folders in their names.


=?utf-8?B?0JHQtdC30YvQvNGP0L3QvdGL0LkucG5n?= (5 KB)

The problem is that it unpacks files with Windows slashes, how to fix this?


I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues extracting your zip package.

Generally unpacking zip files on Ubuntu is fine. I just tried a package with folders to confirm it works.

How did you create the zip file? Was it created on Windows or Linux?
Could you possibly attach a sample zip file that replicates the problem, and also a full task log of the deployment please?


This happens if you use the .net framework (System.IO.Compression.FileSystem) to create the zip file (at least in Octopus v3.3.4, unsure if it’s been fixed in newer releases).

Yes, Ed’s description is correct.

There was a problem with zip files created by Octo.exe. The file-entries in the zip archive used \ rather than / for the directory separator.

This was resolved in version 3.3.18 of Octo.exe, which is current available from our downloads page.