Deploying to Specific Workers in a Pool

Hi Octopus,

Is it possible to deploy to specific workers within a Worker pool? While not always required, some developers are asking how this can be done or if another pool needs to be created in these cases.

We are on v2020.4.2.


Hey Alex,

You are correct, workers are always chosen randomly out of a pool. If you want to select a specific worker/subset of workers, you would need to create a pool specifically for that.

Is there a specific reason you wanted to hit certain workers?

Please let me know if that helps.


Thank you for clearing that up, Jeremy. I believe there are cases in TFS agent pools where devs have targeted specific servers if that server/environment has required dependencies for the build or deployment.

I will also let them know they can further segment deployments with App/DB pools and such.

Hi Alex,

You’re very welcome. Yeah, if they have different tools/versions, they will need to be segmented. The only other option would be to install those dependencies on all of the workers in the pool, unfortunately (which might not be that bad using the script console, if you want to go down that road).

I hope you have a great rest of your week.


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