Deploying to multiple machines with no enviroments

Currently I have multiple machines in my processing environment. Each machine checks what jobs it can run from a database, so potentially any machine can be running any version.

Sometimes we want to push a new version to all machines at once.

Sometimes we want to upgrade a single machine with a new version for a group of users, and in the database we assign users to that machine.

The ideal situation would be if I could pick machines in an environment to be deployed to when deploying a release, or pick multiple environments to push a deployment too (where each machine is an environment).

What would be the best approach for setting up environments in Octopus to handle both of these scenarios easily?



In the latest release, a single machine can belong to multiple environments, and you can move machines between environments without creating a new release. So if you only want to deploy to one machine in an environment, you could quickly move machines out of the environment, do the deployment, then move them back. If this is a common scenario, you could create seperate environments per machine, plus another environment containing all of them.

Hope that helps,