Deploying to IIS with Shared Configuration

We have been using Octopus deploy to individual IIS servers. We have now changed the configuration of our web farm to use the IIS Shared Configuration feature. Now when we try a deployment is errors with :-
Filename: \?\UNC<ServerName>\IIS_Shared\applicationHost.config Error: Cannot write configuration file due to insufficient permissions
I have removed the ServerName…
So it looks like it can see we are using a shared configuration, but can’t update the file.
Please can someone point me in the right direction.


Thanks for reaching out.

It seems like the account updating that configuration file during the Octopus deployment doesn’t have enough permissions to do so. Octopus runs things with the account configured on the Tentacle Service. You might wanna try checking under which account is the service running, and then providing that account the permissions needed.

Hope that helps with the troubleshooting!