Deploying precompiled exe to an aws virtual machine running on octopus server

I need to deploy an exe file like notepad.exe which gets installed in an aws instance/vm I created which is running on octopus server and also has listening tentacle connected.
I cant figure out how to package and deploy the exe file . Please help me

Greetings, thanks for reaching out :slight_smile: There are a few different ways you could package the .exe file. If you’re not using a build server, you could use our CLI to package the .exe into either a .zip or a .nupkg with the Pack command. Nuget.exe also has the capability to package files.

If you’re using a build server, you could install the Octopus plugin and add the package step to your build process.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hey Shawn,
Thanks for your help, I wanted to know if the Pack command you’ve advised to use works only for .NET applications or is it able to pack any application

The Pack command simply adds whatever files are in the --basePath argument to an archive of either .zip or .nupkg. There are advanced options that you can specify which files in --basePath are to be included using the --include argument, which can be specified multiple times.

And what if I have the file already installed in zip format and i just want to deploy this file into the VM

You can include .zip in your package.

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