Deploying on load balanced IIS servers with Shared disk

Dear All,

I’m setting up my tentacles to deploy on two load balanced IIS servers that share a same disk.
I was wondering if I should install the tentacle on both node of the load balancer. After all they share the same deployment disk.
Meaning once the application is deployed on one node, the files will be also available on the other node.

Then what about the IIS settings. The one that are not part of the application and will not be on the web config?
The definition of the IIS site for exemple. It endups on the IIS config files which is not shared.

Can Octoplus deploy handle this case?

Thanks for any help on this topic.


Thanks for reaching out. Octopus can definitely handle this scenario. Here’s a possible setup for the deployment process:

  • Install the Octopus Tentacle on each of your nodes in the load balancer. If possible, Install them as Listening Tentacles as the setup (and troubleshooting) is much easier.

  • Add the role “webServer” to all of the machines once you register them in Octopus.

  • Add the role “Deployer” to only 1 of those machines. You’ll know why in a sec.

The deployment steps:

  1. A NuGet deploy step that uses the Custom Installation Directory feature to drop the contents of Your NuGet package (your app) to the shared directory. You want this step to run just once, so set the roles of this step to “Deployer”. This means that this step will run once on all the machines with the role “Deployer” (only one in your case)

2…x) From here on you’ll need to add steps for all your IIS configurations. These steps will need to run on all the Tentacles with the “WebServer” role (all the servers in your farm). We have plenty of IIS-related steps in our steps library to cover most of the common IIS needs. Jump into the library and search for “IIS” to find them all

If you can’t find a step for what you need to configure, you can always write a Powershell script for that.

Hope that helps!