Deploying Multiple Projects from on environment to Another

Hi Dear

Is there any way to deploy multiple projects at once in a single project. I know there is one in which we can add multiple deploy projects and use “Deploy A Release” step. But this only deploy the latest release available.

What I am looking for is where I can add as many projects I want and select the Source Environment, Where What ever is the current release deployed on Source Environment automatically deployed on Target Environment.

Actually we have sceanreo where we refresh the databases from production and to match all application to prod version we need to deploy all 40+ applications again one by one.

Sunil Bindra

Hi @sbindra ,

Thanks for reaching out.

Just to make sure I am understanding the situation you are describing correctly, you would like the ability to have a meta project that deploys 40 projects all at once when you trigger it after a database refresh.

Could you please explain what you mean here a bit more? "we refresh the databases from production and to match all application to prod version "

At first glance, it looks like the community step template called Chain Deployment will probably fit your use case here. Can you give that a look and let me know if that works for you? If not, can you please give me some more details about your process and what you’d like to achieve and we can try to come up with something else.

Please let me know.


Hi Jeremy

Sorry for confusion.

Actually we refresh our non production databases from production environment.

As process of Post refresh, we need to deploy all windows and Web Services to the version of applications deployed on production environment. This is to ensure that DB version from prod works and no application break. As prod version of DB is normally behind the Non-Prod Environment.
The whole exercise is to sync all the applications with Prod DB version after DB restore on any Non - Prod Environment.

Sunil Bindra

Hi Sunil,

Thanks for the explanation.

I think this step template may be a possible solution for you:

Please check the bullet points and read it thoroughly before implementing.

We also have a blog post about it here: Better Release Management with Octopus Deploy - Octopus Deploy

Please let me know what you think.


Thanks Jeremy
I tried this and getting error of Octopus.Space.Name. I have set this to default. What value should I set it to. We don’t have set up any space for any of our projects. And where I can find the name of child project space if we never have set it (Any default Space Name)

Just an update we are still on v2018.9.7.

Hi Sunil,

Sorry about that, I didn’t know you had a pre-spaces version. Unfortunately, with things like step templates where spaces are explicitly referenced you will likely run into issues. Your two options are you can manually edit the step template PowerShell code to get rid of Spaces and make it work with calls for a pre-spaces version, or upgrade to a version past the introduction of spaces.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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