Deploying msdeploy files instead of web application

I currently have an IIS deployment setup to go to my development servers but instead of actually running the deploy on the server octopus just seems to dump the deploy files on to the server.

I am packing the build files from the Azure DevOps drop location and then pushing to Octopus. I then run the IIS step that I have configured to deploy to a custom location on my server. Everything executes successfully but I am left with a deploy command file and a zip folder instead of the contents of the zip once deployed. Am I missing a step in Octopus?

If I do the equivalent directly from Azure DevOps then I have the option to specifically select the .zip file contained in the drop location and not just the parent folder. This then deploys to the server as I would expect and the application works. I’m assuming Octopus needs to do some final step to achieve the same result.

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,

Hi @simon.harris,

Thanks for reaching out! I’m assuming that the Deploy command file that you mention simply extracts the contents of the zip folder, correct? If that’s the case, then you’ll just need to add a post-deploy script in your Octopus process that executed this Deploy command file after the contents of your package are extracted (the command file and the zip).

Ideally though, the package you provide to Octopus doesn’t contain yet another zip inside of it, but rather your whole application ready to be deployed. That way you’ll only have 1 layer of compression and whatever Octopus extracts from your package is exactly what your app needs to work (without having to execute 1 more file).

Let me know if that helps!